Navigating Autism: The Early Years is a project of Autism Awareness Australia (AAA) and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services

Our training program has been developed and designed in collaboration with early childhood educators, parents/carers and clinicians. 

We would like to thank and acknowledge the following individuals and organisations for their generous support in helping us deliver this vital training program.

Educator Advisory Panel

Katie Dix - Education Partner, G8 Education

Mel Scaife - Licensee, Fit Kidz Learning Centres

Ellen Witzlsperger - Educational & Developmental Psychologist, Service Director, Fit Kidz Foundation

Clinical Advisory Panel

Marie Rodatz - Lead, Occupational Therapy, Telethon Kids Institute CliniKids

Karen McKinnon - National Clinical Director, Autism Partnership

Natasha Kavalieros - Clinical Director, Learning Ready Behaviour Services

Marisa Di Lorenzo - Senior Speech Pathologist, CliniKids, Telethon Kids Institute

Parent/Carer Advisory Panel

Cara Delarue

Hannah Smith

Rebecca Garofoletti

Nicole Hurley

Vasily Shchegolev - Founder, Rise High Therapy

Content contributors

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